Mesa Square Dancing Superstition Mountains

Dances with Rounds

Many of the dances in Mesa feature pre-rounds and rounds between tips. If there's a cuer's name in the schedule, there will be pre-rounds starting 1/2 hour before the dance start time.

For more information on round dancing in Mesa, you can download the Mesa/Apache Junction Round Dance Leaders Schedule (pdf).

This page lists all the dances that have rounds between tips.

Dances with Rounds: Spring 2016

Monday7:30JunckA2DanceYWeiss1/4Mesa Spirit
Tuesday7:30JunckPlusDanceCasual DressYWeiss1/5Mesa Spirit
Thursday7:30JunckPlusDanceDark 2/18YHarris1/7Sunrise RV Resort
Friday10:00RoperPlusDanceEasy Plus Dance with Snacks & Rounds Dark 2/26YKirby1/8Towerpoint Kachina Room
Friday7:30SikorskyPlusDanceDBD Star Tip Dark 3/18Dan Preedy 3/4YWeiss1/8Las Palmas Grand
Saturday7:00RoperPlusDanceTower Point Ballroom & Kachina Halls 2/27 at Greenfield VillageYVarious Cuers1/2Towerpoint

Special Dances

Tuesday, February 9, 20167:30PlusJunck & GuilleWeissYMesa Spirit
Sunday, February 21, 20162:00PlusTom & Jerry ShowJunck Roper WeissYMesa Spirit
Friday, February 26, 20167:30PlusSikorsky WeissYLas Palmas Grand
Saturday, February 27, 20167:00PlusGreenfield SpecialSperryYGreenfield Village
Friday, March 4, 20167:30PlusSikorsky WeissYLas Palmas Grand
Sunday, March 13, 20162:00PlusJunck WeissYMesa Spirit
Thursday, March 31, 20167:30PlusJunck HarrisYSunrise RV Resort