Mesa Square Dancing Superstition Mountains

Towerpoint Kachina Room

Address: 4860 E. Main
City: Mesa

Fall 2019

Monday10:00RoperWorkshopPlusIntro to DBD, Mainstream & Plus Intro to DBDY10/14
Monday1:00RoperWorkshopMainstreamMainstream Review, Intro to Plus Y10/14
Monday6:00RoperClassBeginnersIntroduction to Square Dancing, First Timers Always WelcomeIntroduction To Square DancingY10/14
Tuesday10:00RoperWorkshopA2A1 & A2 Brushup/ReviewY10/15
Tuesday3:30RoperClassBeginnersFREE Beginner Square Dance Class Open Enrollment October 15 & 22Y10/15
Wednesday10:00RoperDancePlusHigh Energy Plus Dance with Snacks & RoundsYWeiss10/9
Wednesday1:00RoperWorkshopPlusPlus Brushup & ReviewY10/9
Thursday1:00RoperClassMainstreamBeginner Brushup/Mainstream Class Y10/10
Friday10:00RoperClassPlusEasy Plus Y10/11
Friday6:30RoperDanceBeginnersCasual Attire OK Dance for New Dancers Dark 10/25Y10/11
Sunday2:00RoperDanceA2Dark 10/27, 12/8 & 22 Y10/13