Mesa Square Dancing Superstition Mountains

Sessions with Hearing Enhancement Equipment Available

Many of the dance sessions in Mesa provide hearing enhancement equipment to help dancers hear the caller.

This pages lists all the sessions that make hearing enhancement equipment available.

Sessions with Hearing Enhancement Equipment: Fall 2019

Monday10:00RoperPlusWorkshopIntro to DBD, Mainstream & Plus Intro to DBDY10/14Towerpoint Kachina Room
Monday1:00RoperMainstreamWorkshopMainstream Review, Intro to Plus Y10/14Towerpoint Kachina Room
Monday6:00RoperBeginnersClassIntroduction to Square Dancing, First Timers Always WelcomeIntroduction To Square DancingY10/14Towerpoint Kachina Room
Tuesday10:00RoperA2WorkshopA1 & A2 Brushup/ReviewY10/15Towerpoint Kachina Room
Tuesday3:30RoperBeginnersClassFREE Beginner Square Dance Class Open Enrollment October 15 & 22Y10/15Towerpoint Kachina Room
Wednesday10:00RoperPlusDanceHigh Energy Plus Dance with Snacks & RoundsYWeiss10/9Towerpoint Kachina Room
Wednesday1:00RoperPlusWorkshopPlus Brushup & ReviewY10/9Towerpoint Kachina Room
Thursday10:00RoperPlusClassY10/10Towerpoint Kachina Room
Thursday1:00RoperMainstreamClassBeginner Brushup/Mainstream Class Y10/10Towerpoint Kachina Room
Friday10:00RoperPlusDanceEasy Plus Y10/11Towerpoint Kachina Room
Friday6:30RoperBeginnersDanceCasual Attire OK Dance for New Dancers Dark 10/25Y10/11Towerpoint Kachina Room
Saturday7:00RoperPlusDancePre-rounds @ 6:30 pm Dark 10/26 YVarious Cuers10/12Towerpoint
Sunday2:00RoperA2DanceDark 10/27, 12/8 & 22 Y10/13Towerpoint Kachina Room